Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Latest Updates - What We've Been Up Too

Since we last updated our blog in November, we have been corresponding, talking and meeting with various NVSD staff, NVSD School Board Trustees, and North Vancouver District and City Councilors, Mayors, MLAs, the Minister of Education and the Edgemont & Upper Capilano Community Association. Many have communicated their support for the need for covered play areas.

The Executive Committee of the Edgemont and Upper Capilano Community Association wrote a letter in support to the NVSD.

The Ministry of Education wrote a letter encouraging our committee to continue to pursue this with our NVSD.

Funding: The Highlands build came in under-budget and that budget surplus is held specifically for Highlands as “restricted capital funds”. The NVSD can submit a request to the Ministry of Education in order to release some of those funds to pay for the covered plays area(s).

For backround info prior to Nov. 2011, please see "Highland's - Background"