Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Retractable Awnings, Tents, Steel Shelters – Not Viable Options

Recently, Highland's parents explored some less costly covered area options (retractable awnings, industrial tents, less extensive steel shelters/carports) with the North Vancouver School District (NVSD) staff. It became clear that there are too many safety, liability, and maintenance concerns to pursue these options. They also said that if we did pursue these options, parents would be responsible for all costs and we would have to handle the entire process, permits, product and project engineer sign-off, contractors, etc. Additionally, since these covered area options would not last the life of the school building, that would commit future PACs to maintenance and replacement expenses over the years to come (the NVSD said they would not assist with maintenance or replacement costs).

So, it seems that the only way toward any feasible, long-term solution is to continue to persuade the NVSD to provide one. As we have said all along, covered areas should be included as functional and essential school building components given our rain forest climate (and given the fact that they can be funded by the Ministry of Education within school build and renovation budgets due to North Vancouver’s high precipitation levels).

If the school district were motivated to reinstate the covered areas they omitted/dismantled, they could probably commission a contractor to build some great solutions at a much more reasonable price (and with volume pricing if contracts for other schools). They could ask the school PACs to contribute financially and they could phase the builds over time to spread the costs.