Friday, 30 November 2012

Result of Public School Board Meeting

Result of Public Board Meeting. Draft Summary of Motions – November 27, 2012. One motion was defeated; another motion was created and carried.

B.5. Covered Play Area: Options for Consideration – Highlands Elementary
Moved by B. Forward, Seconded by S. Skinner, Defeated:

"That the Board approve Option 2 and that the necessary funds be committed to enable the Facilities and Planning Department to proceed with the covered area project."

Moved by S. Skinner, Seconded by B. Forward, Carried: 

"That in support of covered areas in principle, the Board will consult with the Highlands Parent Advisory Council and staff to select the preferred option and to develop a multi-stakeholder funding plan; and forward the issue of covered area projects to the Policy Review Committee for the development of policy and to the Presidents’ Council for future advocacy."