Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Discussing the Covered Play Area Design Options

Members of Highlands Covered Area Committee & HPAC and Highlands Principals met with the NVSD Finance & Facilities Dept. on Jan. 15th to discuss the covered area options. We discussed the pros and cons of the three options (see “Highlands-Options” ). The meeting concluded with the NVSD committing to further consideration of options #1 and #3 and they will either choose their preferred option or if they deem both options to be considerations; we have offered to poll parents/teachers/students for their preference. They said that they will also look further into funding options. The $700,000 surplus resulting from the Highland’s build coming in under-budget has been spent by the NVSD on other projects, so they are looking into other funding options (and our HPAC will likely be required to contribute as well).  They will get back to us mid-February regarding the option(s) and funding. Things are looking promising! 

Additionally, as stated at the Nov 2012 NVSD public boarding meeting, the board voted to “forward the issue of covered area projects to the Policy Review Committee for the development of policy and to the Presidents’ Council for future advocacy”. We will update this web-blog when we receive any information as to how that is progressing.